Moghavemat Shiraz

Moghavemat Shiraz

Full Name: Basij Moghavemat Shahid Sepasi Fars Football Club
Founded: 1988
Head Coach: Gholam Hossein Peyrovani

Moghavemat Shiraz is an Iranian football club based in Shiraz, Iran.

The club is one the more financially restricted teams in Iran’s football, and is owned by Iran’s Basij. Prior to the club’s affiliation with the Basij many young players who had yet to serve in the military (2 year military service is mandatory in Iran) choose to play for Fajr Sepasi, because of the close relationship between the team and the Iranian military.

The club consists of mostly young players, and does not have a very large following in Shiraz, Bargh, Fajr’s rival has a much stronger fan base in the city.

Club Honours
Hazfi Cup
Winners: 2001

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